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What do you love most about working with/for BESG?

Working for BESG gives me an opportunity to be part of a team that contribute to making a difference for the poor

How did you come to work at BESG?

I responded to an advert on the newspaper in November 2006. I was interviewed in December and started working in January 2007.

What did you study and why?

As a young man I studied Marketing for employment purposes. I later studied a Master of Theology for the purposes of serving the poor and the marginalised.

What are you currently studying and why?

Masters in Theology and Development – to understand the development theory and praxis in order to better serve the poor and the marginalised.

How would you want your community in Pietermaritzburg to describe the work you do?

liberating and giving hope

Why does your work matter to you?

The work that we do fills the gap left by government to empower people to understand their rights and the role that they ought to play in the governance of the all spheres of governance.

What is the most difficult part of your job/profession?

The level of poverty and living conditions in some of the communities that we work with is so devastating that it affects one emotionally.

What inspires you?

The theology of liberation.

What stirs up anger and frustration inside of you when you look at the communities you serve?

The cruelty of capitalism and the blindness of politicians to the plight of the poor.

If you could flick a magic wand and *poof* a little magic happened, what would that be?

South Africa would be an equal society.

What inspires you to wake up and give of your best every morning?

To know that some households’ future economic status depends on the work that we door. We regard a house as more than shelter but an economic asset that outlives the original beneficiaries.

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