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Annual Reports

Built Environment Support Group Achievements

39 years of meaningful & valuable contribution to local communities.

If one is asked to describe the reporting period of 2020-21, it is difficult to encapsulate such a complex year in a word. Despite a progressive constitution and a Bill of Rights that establishes
the right to a better life for all, South Africa is one of the most unequal countries in the world.

This year highlighted the linkages between climate change, inequalities and pandemics, such as COVID-19, disproportionally impacting the disadvantaged and vulnerable. It has exposed
the tenuous living conditions endured by the poorest of the poor in our society daily.

They existed before Covid-19 and they will continue to exist, because they are based on economic and structural inequality – access to the basic necessities of goods and services.

No poverty
Good education
Clean water
Good health


BESG in its participatory orientation and practice is in solidarity with the poor and marginalized and accompanies community struggles towards the attainment of rights, development, gender justice and human dignity. BESG is a value driven organisation that  is ethical, accountable, transparent, and acts with integrity in its community work, governance and resource management


We've helped over 1,500 families keep their homes and secure access to government services.

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