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Project Timeline




CBO Development

  • Leadership
  • Conflict Management
  • Citizenship
  • Self-Reliance


Local Government training

  • LG structures & functions
  • Engagement processes
  • Clusters



Strengthening Clusters

  • Expanding Clusters
  • Focus Areas (PRA)

Opening space for engagement




Municipal Action Research

  • Status quo studies
  • Benchmarking
  • Good Practice in Public Participation


  • Physical
  • Language

Change managementprocesses:

  • Public Participationstrategies
  • IDP process plans
  • Budgeting cycle

Distress Fund

BESG often receives urgent calls from citizens whose homes have been damaged or destroyed by natural disasters. We will soon be setting up a Distress Fund facility in order to finance the repair or replacement of these homes.

Should you wish to contribute to this fund please contact us and the relevant information will be sent to you.

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Do you have a car?

Get a filling station to donate 10c to BESG for every litre you fill - It costs you nothing to participate !

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