Built Environment Support Group

This programme aims to strengthen the ability of government, particularly at local level, in addressing the challenges of service delivery and promoting public participation in decision-making. It works on two levels:
1. Capacity building to enable more effective communication between government and civil society, and;
2. Research and advocacy work to guide and refine pro-poor enabling policy and its implementation.

Some of the training we offer:

  • Introduction to housing for local and provincial government officials
  • Housing consumer education
  • Community leadership development skills programme
  • Understanding local government and development legislation for CBOs
  • Access to free basic services

 Some other governance initiatives:

  • Research and advocacy on the right to free basic services, and local government performance in service delivery.
  • Action research on, and facilitation of, public participation processes.
  • Documentation and dissemination of linkages between HIV and AIDS, housing, access to basic services, and citizen well-being.

Project Timeline

Downloads - Publications, research and presentations

BESG is a member of three national networks and one local network:

Good Governance Learning Network (www.ggln.org.za)

HIV/AIDS Local Government Learning Network (www.halogen.org.za)

Landfirst Network (www.landfirst.org.za)

Children in Distress Network (www.cindi.org.za)


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