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Built Environment Support Group

BESG exists to support the poor and vulnerable to access resources and increasingly gain control over their lives and destinies, through the promotion of sustainable livelihoods and habitable environments, achieving basic socio-economic rights and capacitating local government, with added emphasis on small rural towns.


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BESG was established in 1983 by senior staff of the then University of Natal Department of Architecture and Allied Disciplines, as a support group that defended communities against eviction from informal settlements in urban areas, largely as a result of inter-political party violence. In the early 1990’s, BESG became a key player in shaping planning and housing policies from local to national level. Since 1995, BESG has been a leader in enabling poor communities to access land, basic services, housing and administrative justice.....

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Right to adequate housing - 1 October 2018

 Mkabayi Mthuli nominated for WBAF-UAMDC Africa Excellence Award 

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Distress Fund

BESG often receives urgent calls from citizens whose homes have been damaged or destroyed by natural disasters. We will soon be setting up a Distress Fund facility in order to finance the repair or replacement of these homes.

Should you wish to contribute to this fund please contact us and the relevant information will be sent to you.

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Get a filling station to donate 10c to BESG for every litre you fill - It costs you nothing to participate !

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